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Introducing Home Hotspots from Cox Communications.




We all want to be connected~to our friends and family,~and have access to information~and entertainment~everywhere~- at home~and on-the-go.~ The new *Home* *Hotspots* service~from Cox~works in two ways:

  • It enables you to easily turn your home~into a convenient,~secure~and completely free~WiFi hotspot for your guests, and
  • It provides you access~to even more WiFi hotspots~in your area~at the homes of your friends and family members~who are also Cox customers.

With the introduction of *Home Hotspots*,~Cox subscribers' in-home WiFi Modems~will broadcast~a secure public WiFi signal~completely separate from their home networks.~ Cox customers will be able to use the hotspot~*without* connecting to your private network.~ Traffic coming from the Cox WiFi network~won't interfere with your home network~in any way.

  • No more hunting around for your personal home network passcodes~to provide your guests.
  • Easy access to an expanding network~of convenient~WiFi hotspots in your area.
  • Conserve your cellular data~when you're on-the-go.
  • Conveniently~connects devices automatically~after initial sign in.

Cox Home Hotspots would be provided free of charge~to all Cox Internet subscribers.~In order to disable Cox Home Hotspots,~you could opt-out of this service in your home.

With the *Home* *Hotspots* service,~Cox is working to ensure you,~your friends, neighbors~and the whole community of Cox High Speed Internet customers~have easy access~to a growing network of WiFi hotspots~for today's constantly connected lifestyle.

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